At New Day Coaching, we combine the educational elements of academic tutoring with the benefits of ADHD coaching. This helps us to better understand the individual strengths and challenges of each of our clients. It also enables us to create a program that maximizes these strengths while targeting the specific areas that are in need of support. Our approach is a holistic one. We view the client as creative, resourceful and whole, and we aim to create learning opportunities that are transferable beyond academics.


What is ADHD Coaching?

ADHD coaching is a unique approach to support those with ADHD and Executive Function difficulties. In coaching, the client learns about ADHD and how these traits manifest in one’s everyday life. Coaching can help individuals set goals, acknowledge strengths, accept limitations, develop social skills and create strategies in order to be more effective in managing their daily lives. Coaches provide a safe, nonjudgmental environment to support growth and learning and help establish a pattern of frequent communication with clients to make sure that they are focused on working toward their goals.

We offer two types of tutoring/coaching packages depending on the needs of the client:

  1.  ADHD Coaching: Geared toward adults living with ADHD, Individual, 50 minute sessions (weekly or bi-weekly) based on the Co-Active Coaching Model in which the coach and client are active collaborators. In Co-Active coaching, the relationship is an alliance between two equals for the purpose of meeting the client’s needs. Clients will learn about ADHD and how it affects their lives. Clients create goals that they would like to achieve and find attainable ways to progress and move forward successfully.
  2. ADHD Coaching and Executive Function Tutoring: Specifically designed for teens and college students, this program combines ADHD coaching with skill-based tutoring. Using the client’s school work as a vehicle, clients learn specific strategies and skills to become independent learners. These include tips on using a planner, breaking down long-term assignments, organizing materials, prioritizing assignments, note-taking and test preparation skills.

Sessions are 50 minutes and 2 weekly check-ins (by text or email) are included.